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Things to Do in Riverhead: March of the Leprechauns

Things to Do in Riverhead

You work hard all week, so you deserve to do something extra special on the weekend. Round up a few friends and spend some time in Riverhead, NY where there’s always events and parties! You might remember Santacon of Riverhead back in December, well Santa’s good friend, Paddy the Leprechaun, is hosting his own con, or should we say, “Leprecon.” March of the Leprechauns is one of the best things to do in Riverhead this season!

March of the Leprechauns

The pub crawl starts at 1 pm on Saturday, March 7, 2015. The green-themed event will take place right on Main Street in Riverhead. Like Santacon, there’s plenty of vendors participating and proceeds will go to local charities. Here’s what you need to know:


There are over 10 participating vendors, and you’ll be able to check out every one because March of the Leprechaun officials will notify pub crawlers when to head to the next venue. Each venue has great specials for food, beer, wine and spirits.

Crooked Ladder Brewery

Cliff’s Rendezvous

Joe’s Garage and Grill

Vines and Hops

Tweeds Restaurant and Buffalo Bar

The Suffolk Theater

Digger’s Pub

Hotel Indigo East End

The Riverhead Diner & Grill

Uncle Joe’s Pizzeria & Restaurant

Long Ireland Brewery

Hotel Indigo East End loves St. Patrick’s Day as much as the next leprechaun, so we’re offering a special room rate to all participating leprechauns. Indigo East End will also provide complementary shuttle service to all venues of March of the Leprechauns. And after your long journey over the rainbow, come back for dinner at our restaurant, Bistro 72! We’re offering $5 draft beers, $6 Long Island wines and $7 Thin Mint Martinis. For more information regarding rooms and rates, call the front desk for details at 631.369.2200.

Things to Do in Riverhead

How to Purchase a Bracelet for March of the Leprechauns

Bracelets can be purchased at any participating vendor with cash. Credit card purchases can be made at The Suffolk Theater in person or by phone. You can even buy bracelets online.

The event raises money to the East End Emerald Society to fund the Jamesport St. Patrick’s Day Parade. March of the Leprechauns is also raising money for Maureen’s Haven, an outreach program to provide shelter for homeless adults on the East End. You may think leprechauns are only after finding a pot of gold for themselves, but Paddy the Leprechaun wants to give all the deserving people of Riverhead gold and encourages you to do so too!

So, stop on by the March of the Leprechauns for a good ol’ time! Don’t forget to dress the part! Paddy the Leprechaun encourages you to dress like him to help get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. And when you’re tired of chasing the rainbow, come to Hotel Indigo East End and stay the night!


Don’t Miss the Best Long Island Winterfest Performances

Winterfest Performances

Hotel Indigo and other areas around the East End are finalizing Long Island Winterfest 2015 preparation. So, we want to make sure you are still up to date on everything about Winterfest. We wouldn’t want you to miss out! In the last blog, we featured the venues the Winterfest performances are taking place in. Now, we have all the information about who to expect during the six-week East End festival.

A total of 32 venues and wineries are hosting 128 Winterfest performances. So, you’re sure to find a performance you’ll love! Performances include musical genres such as jazz, blues, country, rock, soul, bluegrass and more.

You can even decide what performance to see based on where you want to go. If you’re interested in checking out vineyards, they have performances every weekend. Stop by for dinner at Bistro 72 or another North Fork restaurant and listen to some great talent. Plenty of hotels are hosting performances, like Hotel Indigo, so you can stay on the East End and celebrate Winterfest from dawn to dusk.

Hotel Indigo loves the talent we host during Long Island Winterfest. We have some of our favorite musicians that you have to check out!

Hotel Indigo’s Winterfest Performances

During Winterfest Hotel Indigo has both our ballroom and Bistro 72 hosting performances. So come by for music and dinner, then head on down to dance your meal off! Here’s just a few of some great Winterfest performances that are sure to impress.

Winterfest Performances

Vinny St. Marten & Seeing Eye Dog Band

Vinny St. Marten will deliver some great music at Hotel Indigo. Growing up, St. Marten used music to overcome many obstacles. Poverty and losing his eyesight wouldn’t stop him from pursing his future in music. This Long Island native now performs amazing soul music, along with his Seeing Eye Dog Band.

Friday, February 20

7 pm to 1 am

Bakithi Kumalo

Bakithi Kumalo is a Winterfest regular, who’s been up on stage playing bass since the age of seven. Kumalo has toured with stars like Cyndi Lauper, Bob James, Gloria Estefan, Josh Groban, Gerald Albright and more. He’s currently on a world tour with Paul Simon and Sting, but he won’t miss out on Winterfest!

Friday, March 6

7 pm to 10 pm

 Winterfest Performances

Jesse Barnes

This is your opportunity to dive into the world of Jazz. Jesse Barnes performs Bossa Nova Jazz, along with guitarist Eli “Paperboy” Reed and the High and Might Brass Band. Barnes has jazz experience all over the United States, including Chicago and New Orleans. So, come for dinner and a great show!

Saturday, March 14

7 pm – 10 pm

Gene Casey & the Lone Sharks

Check out Gene Casey & the Lone Sharks for a night of fun rockabilly music. Casey and company evolved from a small bar band to averaging 130 gigs a year in the 1990s. And they keep performing even for Long Island Winterfest 2015, so expect some great music in Indigo’s ballroom!

Saturday, March 21

7 pm to 11 pm

Check out the line up for more shows at Hotel Indigo East End. You can even stay the weekend and rock out all night! Reserve a room online or call us at 631.369.2200. We hope to see you at one of the best Long Island Winterfest performances this year!

Photos courtesy of Long Island Winterfest


Take a Look at the Long Island Winterfest Venues

Long Island Winterfest Venues

As you may know, Long Island Winterfest is right around the corner and Hotel Indigo couldn’t be more excited. We want to help you prepare for this amazing six-week musical festival, so we’re telling you everything you need to know! To recap, Winterfest: Live on the Vine starts at our very own Bistro 72 Friday, February 20 and ends in long Island Wine Country March 29. It’s a chance to celebrate talented artists from far and wide that bring a great culture to the East End. Winterfest features Jazz, Rock, Blues, Country and more. Long Island Winterfest venues are hosting a variety of shows every weekend, and offering an even wider variety of local cuisine and libations! It only happens once a year, but you’ll have six weekends to check it out! Here’s a list of the Winterfest venues so you know what to expect!

Long Island Winterfest Venues

The venues are all over the North Fork of Long Island, stretching from Riverhead to Southold. A lot of performances are taking place at vineyards, so prepare to tilt your glass! Winterfest venues also include hotels (like ours!), restaurants and theaters. The array of venues are sure to keep you entertained throughout all of Winterfest, and without further ado, here they are:

Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard

Bedell Cellars

Coffee Pot Cellars

Duck Walk Vineyard

Harmony Vineyards

Heron Suites

Hotel Indigo

Jamesport Vineyard

A Lure Chowder House

Jason’s Vineyard

Macari Vineyards & Winery

Martha Clara Vineyards

Pellegrini Vineyards

Raphael Winery

Sparkling Pointe

Suffolk Theater

Waters Crest Winery

 Long Island Winterfest Venues

Believe us when we say that the proprietors of these establishments know how to host great parties! Every Saturday and Sunday you will enjoy live music, food and drinks at one of these awesome spots! Find out who’s playing at each Winterfest venue by clicking here.

At Hotel Indigo, we keep the party going until the early morning hours. Most venues hold performances throughout the day, but we’re inviting you to celebrate all night. Our performances are hosted Fridays to Sundays at 7pm, with our Friday shows at Bistro 72, and our Saturday shows at both Bistro 72 and Hotel Indigo Ballroom. So while you’re enjoying a dinner out with friends, it will be to the sounds of renowned headliners like Amy Helm or Bakithi Kumalo, or local favorites like Jeff LeBlanc, Cassandra House, or the Cold Spring Harbor Band. Whoever’s playing, it’s sure to be a good time 

Hotel Indigo also welcomes guests to stay for the weekend during Winterfest. If you want to plan a weekend getaway, check out our website to book a room today! We hope to see you there and Happy Winterfest!


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